Traits de Caractere

Where have I been, you ask? Well, I accepted an assignment to watch my youngest nephew (we shall refer to him as Moose henceforth) while his babysitter and her family went on vacation to Florida. For three weeks. Truth be told, from what I've heard about the fabulous babysitter and her love for Moose, I'm a bit surprised that she didn't ask my sister if she could take Moose with her.

Moose is a very energetic and very intelligent two-year-old. I'm still recovering from all of the running around we did, although once I recover, my body will thank me for getting active again, now that winter is finally kind of over. Moose understands what I'm talking about when I talk to him, and Moose has his own stuff that he wants to talk about. Also, I'm a tiny bit convinced that he can read a bit already, or that he has the same sort of fantastic memory that I and his older brothers have.

Still, Moose is at that stage of speech development in which he parrots a lot. Our conversations tended to be a little repetitive. Add to that the almost daily ritual of watching Dora the Explorer and the Backyardigans and other "educational programming," and what you have is a bit of brain stagnation for Literary Auntie. Add brain stagnation to the body recovery, and what you get is a slightly zombified Literary Auntie.

So please excuse me if I am not terribly intellectually rigorous for a while. Sorry, dudes and dudettes. I'm seriously going to try and pep up my brain, while listening to French pop music (the Paris Combo - I am into it).

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