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the trash

I have somehow managed to avoid all of the sexist trash on Twitter and Instagram for a while now.

"Why, Sarah? What trash? Can you be more specific?"

Oh, you know, just any time a person who identifies as or looks like a woman, or has a "feminine" username, gives an opinion about sexism. THAT trash.

The "You don't understand" trash.
The "You're just a butthurt feminazi" trash.
The "I'm a woman, and I don't think I've experienced sexism, so I think sexism doesn't exist, and also fuck you for bringing it up" trash.
The "If sexism does exist, it's Feminism's fault" trash.
The "Shut up or I'll [insert vague threat here]" trash. (This is interchangeable with the legally less actionable but still awful "I hope someone [insert stronger threat here]" trash.)

I could go on and on here. So many varieties of trash. Frustrating, insulting, dehumanizing trash.

But lately I've bee…

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