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bosom companions

Every time I remember that this blog exists, and decide that I want to write here (sorry, blog), I wonder if I should give some kind of big update about my life. But really, my life doesn't change that much, and you've heard it all before - I like my job, and I like to be home a lot with the cats, and I like my place to be clean and tidy, and I like to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I like to read, and write in my journal, and walk, and drink tea and beer, and eat whatever I want, and I'm not into dating or dieting or travelling to exotic locales, or hearing unsolicited opinions about my life as I live it.

So consider this my notice that my life goes on as usual when I'm not here writing about it.

I think my one big update is that my bosom companions, Ami and Jon, are up and moving to Nashville, which is definitely going to change some things in my life. Ami is the one who gets me out of the house when I get a little too into being alone than is health…

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