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Smilla's Sense of Snow

I was reading through this list of Amber Tamblyn's favorite books, and not to spoil it for you, but Smilla's Sense of Snow made the list!! "Smilla" is one of my favorite novels as well; not only is the mystery enthralling, but I think that this is the first time I can remember a female character being unlikeable and prickly, and not really caring what anyone thought. Or, as Amber Tamblyn put it, "The lead character goes from being an inquisitive, quiet girl to a violent, powerful force by the end of the book, all while solving a murder that keeps unfolding new twists and turns."

My mom got HBO Now so that she could watch Game of Thrones, and I scrolled through the available movies after we watched the latest episode on Sunday. I was SO excited when I saw that the movie version of "Smilla" was on there, because Netflix didn't have it, even in disc. I made sure to watch the movie on Monday, and mom really liked it, and even Owen paid attention fo…

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