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winter? GUSTO.

Buffalo is so bizarre. We're known as such a heavy snow area, and last night we were under a Winter Storm Warning (maybe a watch), with snow starting at 3 AM and falling steadily. It was supposed to affect the southtowns most, of course, but I was expecting at least a sprinkle when I woke up. The wind was shaking the house all night.

When I went out to my car, there was a very apocalyptically pretty sky, with clouds banked to the south and west, and the sunrise coming in low. "Red light at morning", and all that. The wind was still rather fierce. But there was nothing on my car, and nothing on the ground. While I was driving down Delaware, I kept seeing cars with snow on the hood, coming from the south. But no snow for me.


Now we only have an advisory, and I am resigned to a lack of fluffy stuff near my place anytime soon.


Recently I've been reflecting back to last year around this time, when life seemed to be a flurry of apartment …

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