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Pardon me while I ease myself in.
Last I wrote, I was getting ready to move on short notice, for me – I fundamentally do not understand people who can pick up their lives and move far away at the drop of a hat! I like to take a good 6 months to contemplate moving, and to sloooooowly plan how the packing will go, and I like to CHOOSE to move. In a perfect world…
I spent a lot of the winter freaking out and having anxiety, and losing a bit of my hair due to stress, but I got through the move. I got through the move while dealing with random car troubles, and trying to avoid Landlord Meaney as much as possible. I found another small, lovely apartment in North Buffalo, well below market value.
I was able to fend off Landlord Meaney’s attempts to mess with me while I was moving. I countered all of her considerable bullshit with facts – yes, I checked the city’s website, and I CAN leave a couch on the curb for trash pick-up. No, you CANNOT charge me $200 to repaint an apartment that you shou…

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