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I've already told you how excited new tires make me. Mine were replaced in no time at all yesterday, cost me more than $500, which I was happy to pay. I live in Buffalo, with all of the snow and ice I can stand, and my tires were bald, all except one. I drive to my mom's and back quite often, always on windy, scary roads. Always squalls and white-outs when I'm driving to and fro, and though I am a careful driver, with good brakes and a nice, heavy car, I can only do so much myself. The tires need to work too. They need to grip. Yes, new tires make me happy, although of course the weather has warmed up, and the roads are completely clear. No snow or ice for me to test them on, but I can feel the difference on clear roads. I know I'll get the chance to test the tires in inclement weather, before winter ends. This is Buffalo, after all. All of the snow and ice I can stand.

You'd think I spent enough yesterday on tires, but there was more that I wanted. I picked out a lovely pair of patent-leather purple flats with suede flowers near the toe at Shoefly. Of course, I can't wear them anytime soon. No tread at all - just completely, decadently smooth soles.

Then I took one of my quarterly trips to the mall. I only go there for Sephora, but somehow I always find other things, like a ruffly purple sleeveless top, and this bracelet, which I adore, and plan on wearing all the time. I don't think I could love it more if the gems were real, though I would worry more about it, I imagine. I hardly ever buy jewelry for myself, not even costume jewelry, but I just fell in love.

Add to this list of purchases the black Nine West leather boots and the purple Nine West bag I bought last week, and I think I'm done spending money for a while. Other than essentials and a few items for the house. It does make me happy to buy things that I love at first sight, and it's never an empty happiness. I was just talking to Shon the other day about this, about how I keep the things that I buy for as long as I possibly can. I still have shoes and bags and clothing and books and furnishings from high school and college, and I will keep them until they fall apart. The same goes for new things that I buy. Makes me happy.

And the best thing - I got some good news from my mom tonight. I'm waiting to hear the rest of it, but it could mean very, very good things for her. Definitely makes me happy.


A Fuss said…
I love that 80% of what you bought was purple. I was buying a new phone cover the other day and saw one that was purple plaid. I was going to buy it just because I knew you would like it and then realized it was way more expensive. But ah well. Fingers crossed for your Mom!
Literary Auntie said…
Believe me, if I could have gotten purple tires for my car, I would have!!

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