Happy Birthday, Chris Isaak!

You’re still a massive hottie.


Where have I been? I know, I keep disappearing.

Well, in between job searches and interviewing, I found time to FINALLY get my hair cut. I donated it to Locks of Love. I know it’s a worthy cause, but that didn’t stop me from being a giant dork the night before I got it cut – “How do they clean wigs? They’d better clean my hair properly! I bet my hair doesn’t look good dusty… will it get oily? Will the sebum of the child’s scalp make the wig oily?”

Yes, this is how I think late at night, when I should be sleeping.

My short hair looks cute, but I am still not totally comfortable with the styling. I do a different thing every day, and I can’t seem to settle. Oh well – it’s a week today.


Regarding jobs, I’ve really stepped up my searching. My idyllic days of unemployment are almost at an end.

I have had two interviews so far – I think the first one fizzled, but I had another yesterday, and I think (I hope) I did well. But one can never tell, unless one is a mind-reader. I am not.

I’m sure something will pop up. But will it be before or after I sell a kidney on the black market? …no, it wouldn’t be my own kidney.


Oh, and I also turned 30 last Thursday. It feels a whole lot like 29, except that my car insurance

Either way. I had a pretty rockin’ 30th birthday party on Saturday, tons of friends and some family, including my mom. Who doesn’t need alcohol to rock. Neither do I, really, but I drank a ton anyway. Only got messy after mom had left.

I have awesome friends, and I really made out on alcohol and chocolate!!


This weekend, I’m back down to the Motherland. I have to babysit Moose tomorrow night. I predict that we’ll have great fun. Apparently he got today’s version of a Big Wheel, and he makes everyone watch as he rides it around the house – and he has a hard time reaching the pedals. PRECIOUS!!!


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