One of those days

I woke up this morning and found out that we had no water. I called the landlord/roommate, he said that it was a mistake on the water company's part, and that they'd turn it back on today. It is now 3:30 PM, and no water. What the hell, water company?!? No shower, no tea! No toilet flushing. I had to wash my hands and brush my teeth using the leftover water in the tea kettle.

Then I go to my online bank account and find that I was charged $32 on a $2.67 overdraft. I love having a bank that holds my deposits and puts my withdrawals through immediately. Apparently they do it just to fuck with me, but they do it to everyone.

And THEN, dear readers, I go to my iTunes and find that my iTunes library managed to damage itself, and I can't restore it without a lot of work. Or I don't know how to restore it without a lot of work.

Yeah, one of those days. Everyone has them.

I find that this video always makes me happy when I'm down (and it must be the case with a lot of people, because it's got 50,000+ views): Laughing Baby

Or this, which makes me happy because I love Hugh Laurie: House Bloopers

And HEY! The water's back on!!


Iowa Vegan said…
blech, I hate those days! :) Glad you got your water back, though!

I've seen that baby laughing video before. Have you seen "Charlie Bit Me"? That one always makes me smile ;)

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