I spent the long weekend at my mom's house, hanging out with the family, playing video games, and taking the cats outside every day. Well, I took Brian outside - Floyd wants no part of the snow. Brian and me, we mostly stood outside for a few minutes and then came in, but there was one day when Brian climbed a tree and then got "stuck."

...It was kind of the cutest thing ever. I love that he likes the snow.

Since I knew it would be very cold while I was gone, I left a trickle on in my bathtub, in which the pipes are prone to freezing, Sure enough, I came home last night to find that my tub tap could only manage a trickle when I turned it all the way on. It's hard for me to be patient... I wanted to do battle with the pipes, with my hair dryer in hand, but the X-Files was about to come on.

So I had to be patient. And then I decided to see if the hot water trickle could work through the ice if I let it work all night long. I kept waking up, hoping to hear the water at full power, fearful that I'd miss it and waste a ton of water. But really, you can't miss that sound. SO LOUD at 5:30 AM, and I was so happy to hear it!

Our winter has been pretty mild up until this weekend, so I was kind of happy to shovel this morning. The snow keeps on falling, so I may be shoveling this evening as well, although I can always hope that one of the people in my building decides to help out.

And then a night of cat cuddles.

The only dark spot in my winter happiness is CAN. He continues being a harassing asshole. A few weeks ago, I actually contacted the police because he got in my face as I was leaving for work and started snapping cell phone pictures. I asked what the hell he was doing, and he said he was taking my picture for the internet. I'm assuming that this is some kind of retribution for the security cameras that my landlord installed on the house, but who knows? I was so fed up with CAN trying to intimidate me, though. I'd tried the police before, and they basically told me to have CAN's landlord kick him out (pretty sure he owns the house though), or to call 911 every time he harassed me. 

Well, I finally got the cops involved - I actually heard a "Why did you let this go on so long?" from a woman who worked at the police station, and ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I have tried SEVERAL times to get the police to care about this! Anyway, the police stopped by CAN's house, and CAN wouldn't answer his door. He's been avoiding me ever since.

This morning, I guess he was feeling brave, because he was across the street with his dog, while I cleaned off my car. He started making weird squawking noise and mumbling about the internet. I just ignored him, because I know he hates that, and because he wasn't in my face. But I sure do wish he'd move away. 


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