A new beginning, and other clichés

What's the difference between online diaries and blogs? Do I have to organize my thoughts in a better manner for a blog? Do I have to do research? Should I ponder and contemplate and edit every sentence? Can I get away with being redundant or silly or downright crazy if I feel like it?

I don't know why I put blogs up on such a pedestal. I have been keeping online diaries for years, and I have been talking about starting a blog for most of 2007. But am I really ready?

Oh, how ridiculous.

Basically, I'm going to continue my tradition of writing whatever I want, whether it's about politics or art history or music or feminism or books or my various family members, or random things that I want to rant about. I think I'll try being anonymous for a while. I'll give people clever nicknames! My niece is already known (to me) as Ears McNulty because her ears protrude a bit.


Julia said…
OOOOOH! what's MY anonymous nickname?! Good job on getting the blog started! i'm looking forward to reading more.
A Fuss said…
Way to blaze the trail, my friend. As promised, I have now added blogger to my list.

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