It's raining today. I was planning on going to Forest Lawn Cemetery and taking pictures of some of the monuments now that I have a decent camera, but it's raining a little too hard for me.

I'm in a very odd mood today. Sort of lonely, but not really minding it. Enjoying my loneliness in a vaguely self-pitying way, but mostly just enjoying the quiet. Perversely, I wish that my roommates weren't here so that I could be a little more lonely.

Part of my lonely/self-pitying feelings may be brought on by the headache that won't go away. It started yesterday while I was watching "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," and continued through both ibuprofen and a few beers. A dull, pervading headache that is not exactly painful, but it brings down my energy level just enough to make me want to sit alone in the dark and brood. And I'm not a naturally effervescent person on the best of days.

Well, I will make the most of my brooding and loneliness and self pity. I will spend the day reading and writing and sipping tea and staring out into the rain.


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