Tempus fugit, mors venit.

Apparently today is one of those days when I just want to depress myself.

I didn't mean to. Somehow, I went from one link to another, to an interesting, if gruesome, photograph. From there, I found myself in a veritable internet forest of memorial photographs from the Victorian era. I've always been interested (if a little freaked out) by such things, so I clicked through a few.

And promptly found myself staring at a memorial photo of a dead young girl, being held by her mother. And the look on the mother's face...

It immediately brought a few tears to my eyes, but I kept looking. And I found another memorial photo, showing a dead child with her live brother posed next to her. So weird that the parents would insert their living child in with the dead, and still so sad.

There were also memorial photos of pretty young women, strapping young men. Some of older people in their coffins. So many children's photos, with the children either posed like they're still alive or arranged in their tiny coffins. All of them evidence that these people were mourned. For many of these deceased, these might be the only photographs taken of them, especially when photography was so expensive.

Nowadays, we think nothing of snapping pictures of everything going on around us. I'm constantly taking pictures of my family, so I can't imagine how it was back then for some people - the only photographic evidence that these people lived being pictures of them dead.

Time passes, death advances.



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