politics and balance

Don't know a thing about Sarah Palin, other than the tabloid stories? Perhaps this will help. I was most upset about the polar bears and the beluga whales; the rest didn't surprise me terribly.

I missed Joe Biden's speech but was lucky enough to catch Obama's after a few beers at a local fundraiser. I completely ignored Palin's speech, but was, of course, kept up-to-date by several websites. And last night, I went to bed rather than listen to John McCain, though I did hear a little of Cindy McCain's speech. She kind of gives me the creeps, and she didn't seem to have a lot of inflection in her voice.

I got sort of crazy during the very end of the 2004 election, and I predict I'll probably get crazy this fall. Debates! News articles! Talking about it with everyone in the world! I'm rather excited about the craziness, but I hope I can balance it with some unbiased observing. I'm voting for Obama, but I can certainly recognize that not everything he says is perfect, and that he can't possibly deliver on everything he's promised, at least not in four years. And while I am terribly biased against the Evil Republicans, I can sometimes catch a glimmer of why some people might vote for them, without getting into a whole "Republicans are ignorant, racist, sexist, etc." rant.

We will see.


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