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I carved a pumpkin last night. It looks like a kitty-cat.


McCain and Obama joking.

A welcome change of pace right now – the candidates joking around.


I watched the debate, of course, and was pretty angry the entire time. At McCain, of course. As soon as I’d calm down about one thing, he’d say something else – like about how his feelings were hurt by Obama’s ads. Obama said that they should be talking about things that are important to all Americans, not just the candidates, but McCain and Bob wouldn’t let the negativity go, so Obama brought up the fact that McCain/Palin supporters apparently want him dead, and no one is calling them out on that. In fact, McCain got all gruff and was like, “MY supporters are REAL Ammurkins!” Lovely.:
Article here

And another:

In regard to “Joe the Plumber,” turns out the guy was a plant (big surprise). McCain just chewed that image to death, and I don’t think anyone was fooled by it.

And do not even get my started on McCain’s answers to the Roe V. Wade question. I shouldn’t have to tell any rational person that Pro-Choice doesn’t in any way equal Pro-Abortion. This leads me to believe that McCain is irrational.

And when Obama brought up the fact that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban doesn’t make any exceptions for a woman’s health, McCain started going on and on about extremists who use the excuse for “health” to further their agenda. Yes, McCain used air quotes when talking about the health of mothers. Isn’t he a beautiful human being?

Of course, he completely ignored the fact that his policies aren’t going to lower the rate of abortions or help mothers in need at all, really. Why should he care? He can ride into the sunset, secure in the knowledge that women who want to have control over their own bodies are screwed every which way if he gets what he wants.

The thing is, I used to respect McCain. When he was running against G. W. Bush in the Republican primaries, I thought he was a great man, and would have made a great president. He was smeared like crazy in that campaign, and I felt for him. And now he’s hired a lot of the same people who helped smear him before, and he IS another Bush. Another snide, deceitful, condescending man who will stop at nothing to win. His choice of running mate proved that.

And this isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat to me. I know that Obama can’t do everything he promises. I know that some of the things he says are the things people want to hear, and nothing more. But I trust him to hold to his word and try to help out everyone in this country, not just the richest. The “trickle-down effect” has not worked, and will never work. Starting endless wars and then perpetuating them, rather than admitting defeat, is helping no one. A woman’s right to choose is not something that should be left up to the states, especially when some states are so backward. The entire economy will not be helped JUST by buying up mortgages. So McCain is kind of standing for everything I’m against… and he’s coming off as kind of evil.

BAH! I’m done. Although I guess I’ll miss yelling at the TV screen like I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.


I’m going to an art opening tonight:
Art Opening

Should be cool.



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