a great thing

Yesterday I did a GREAT THING. This GREAT THING has left me feeling elated but weak, with stuffy sinuses and an extreme peace of mind.

Yes, I cleaned my room!

I realize that cleaning my room might not qualify as a GREAT THING to you, but you (probably) did not see my room before I started. As a rule, I’m not a slob, and I never have food or clothing scattered on the floor. My bed is almost always made as soon as I get up, and things are put back in their places as soon as I’m done with them. I am not a slob that way. What I am is a paper slob, so just about every flat surface in my room was covered with papers and unopened mail. And even though I was putting things back where they belonged – besides papers and unopened mail, obviously – I wasn’t dealing with the dust issue. Or the floor issue.

Until yesterday.

You see, I have skin. Dead skin is sloughed off and becomes dust. I also have a third-floor bedroom in a rather old house, so dust can blow in through cracks around the windows. I also have cats.

The dust was taking over.


But yesterday I took care of all of that, and I sorted through all of the papers and opened all of the mail, and I did the floors and the laundry! Yay for me!

Of course, all of the dust that I had neglected crept into my pores and made my allergies flare up… but if that is the cost of a shiningly clean room, I’ll take it. Sometimes. But I have also come to accept that I’m just not a very regular cleaner, and I probably never will be.


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