I have been home sick since yesterday, late morning. When I woke up yesterday, I really thought that it was sleeplessness catching up with me; that was why I was so achy. But as the morning went on, I got that familiar fuzzy-headed feeling. I was starting to get a head cold.

Is it odd that I put so much emphasis on intelligence, and yet, whenever I get sick, it is my head, my brain that seem to be getting attacked? I should ask a doctor.

Anyway, I work in a quasi-medical setting - I'm not so much on the medical side of things, but my employer takes sickness very seriously, so I came home as soon as I realized I was actually getting sick. Even further, my boss called me this morning to ask about my symptoms, because she has to report anything that might be the H1N1 virus.

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again. Sometimes it's nice to be sick (as long as you're not suffering too much), because it makes you slow down. There was no question of cleaning my room or working on Christmas presents. The only thing my brain and body wanted was sleep. And so I chugged some Airborne and crawled into bed, flannel sheets and lots of pillows to snuggle into, with the space heater on full blast next to me. Floyd came and curled himself up in the crook of my arm, and together we slept for hours.

The night was spent watching movies, before I finally fell into bed again. With Floyd next to me, under the covers , of course.

And now he lays in my lap while I type this, bundled up on the couch. I'm still a bit achy, partly from sickness and partly from being so sedentary. I may have staved off the stuffiness for now, with my constant imbibing of Airborne, and the gallons of tea with honey I've had. And all of the sleep.

I'm unhappy to have missed work (I enjoy going there, being there, doing what I do), but it was kind of pleasant to be forced to take a break. And tomorrow I'll return to work quite well-rested.


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