a nice English Breakfast tea... or beer

I am lacking in sleep this week, but am otherwise quite content. Usually I would be more miserable with tiredness, but last week I had a head cold, and slept and read and drank tea for two days. I think I may have rested up enough last week to offset my tiredness this week. And, while I don't have the sick days and the comfy reading chair in the sunny corner of the living room (it really was lovely out last week, while I was lolling around the house with a head cold), even though Floyd is at home and not in my lap right now, I do still have the tea. Tea is so lovely and portable!

I managed to move out of a head cold and right into PMS and cramps, but I have been bludgeoning such things in their nasty heads with beer and friends and movies starring Michael Fassbender. Last night I went to a Great Lakes Brewing Company beer tasting at Cole's on Elmwood... and by "tasting," I mean that I had three pints. Three delicious pints of beer - I had the Big Black Smoke (a smoky porter), Rye of the Tiger (an India pale ale with rye malt), and Nosferatu (an imperial red ale). I am a big fan of Burning River and Edmund Fitzgerald, and I can't wait for the Christmas ale. My friend Julia wants to travel to the Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland, OH, and we should definitely, definitely do that.

Tonight I am celebrating WNY's Restaurant Week by visiting the Blue Monk, again with Julia. We went there for my birthday and loved the food, and I can't wait to see what they bring out tonight. Plus, of course, there will be beer.

On Thursday I am going to rest after work, have some tea, and cook some chili. Said chili will be consumed (probably with beer) on Friday night, when Julia (AGAIN?!?) and I have a movie night. We are going to get our Halloween season started with "Trick R' Treat," which I watched almost obsessively last fall. I can't wait to watch it some more. And I'll probably watch some more Michael Fassbender movies too, this weekend. 


It's a "3 days of Julia and Sarah" kind of week, bitches!


We need to make our roadtrip to Cleveland happen! And I have family we can bug there too!

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