Time just moves faster and faster, which means that I am getting older and older. I adore the fall, but I feel like it was just June, and before that it was just January. Also, I am ill again, and I was just sick a few weeks ago! It seriously just happened.

And now I have a lesson in how NOT to be an adult. It goes like this:
  • Get a letter about your insurance not accepting your doctor anymore
  • freak out, then decide to get proactive and find the best new doctor EVER... and then ignore the whole doctor thing until the very last minute
  • hope that you really don't need to have a doctor on your insurance renewal forms, even though you know that you really do
  • on the day when your insurance renewal forms are due, call around until you find a doctor who is accepting new patients - while doing this, write down a ton of notes that make no sense
  • after writing down four or five doctor names, and a ton of notes that make no sense, don't bother indicating on your nonsensical notes which doctor you actually picked
  • don't think about it for almost a year
  • get sick and have NO FUCKING IDEA WHO YOUR DOCTOR IS
Seriously, self? Seriously? You are 33 years old! You are too old for this "I'm not really an adult" bullshit!

I have felt like crap since Thursday, and while I feel less tired and overall crappy today, I have the sneaking suspicion that the congestion is moving to my lungs. I hardly ever have chest colds, but when I do, they almost always manage to turn into bronchitis. Which is no fun. And I believe antibiotics don't help. So why might I need a doctor? Well, what if it turns into pneumonia instead? I'm pretty sure you need a doctor for that!

LUCKILY, I have an HSA, so I don't really have to go to an assigned doctor now. Still, it would be nice to have a regular doctor. I guess. Ugh, whatever!


An unrelated story:

So the other day, when I was walking with my nephew Owen, he said, "On the first day of the world, was everybody babies?" It was so cute! And since I didn't feel like explaining the Big Bang Theory and evolution to a 5-year-old, I said yeah. I am the best auntie ever.


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