summer fun

I just got through the very busy part of work, and then a long weekend for July 4th, and now I finally get to have some Buffalo summer fun! It's been hard driving around the city, seeing so many others enjoy patios, porches, outdoor concerts, and the like, when I had to be responsible and go to bed somewhat early. I missed Sam Roberts at the end of June, because I was working long days. Oh, sadness and woe.

But tomorrow I get to see Fitz and the Tantrums. I've seen them before, along with the opening the band, the Albrights. Both are good times, and it's supposed to be sunny, but not too warm, and I just cannot wait. And then this weekend is the Taste of Buffalo, and my favorite wine slushies. Mmmm, food and wine slushies sound like perfection right now.

The only thing harshing my mellow, and it's kind of a big thing - there have been several rapes and an attack in and near my neighborhood within the last few days. Two rapists have been caught just today, but rumors are swirling that it's gang-related (initiation), that it's not a single attacker, but groups of 5 or 6. I try to be as aware of my surroundings as I can be, but I hate feeling like I can't take a walk without suspecting anyone who looks in my direction.


Anyway. The cats are finally at a place where they aren't sniping at each other. And last night I woke up to find Floyd nestled in my armpit. When Brian saw me moving, he came over and laid down pretty close to Floyd... and no fights about it! Brian was even able to stretch out a front paw and place it on Floyd without any trouble. Pretty soon, these cats will totally be snuggling.

On the Creepy Asshole Neighbor front, he actually said "Good evening" to me yesterday. He seems a lot more stable, but I'm still on the lookout for any weirdness.


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