Gone Girl

I can't stop listening to this song. I owned the album, and then I was delighted to hear it over the end credits of The Walking Dead video game:


Last night I went with my book club and a few others to see David Fincher's movie Gone Girl. It was one of the better book-to-movie adaptions that I've seen, and while he wasn't my first choice for Nick Dunne, Ben Affleck made me a believer by the end. I was behind Rosamund Pike 100% from the beginning, because I adore her and have for years. In my opinion, she is the perfect Amy Dunne, and the best thing about the movie. Well worth seeing.

Creepy good.


I woke up in full grump mode, due to lack of good sleep and general restlessness. It's hard when you feel like you need to be away from people, but you can't call in grumpy to work. I just try to lay low until I can get to a Resident Evil marathon and imagine how cathartic it would be to be able to destroy all of the zombies.

Fuck off, zombies.



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