holiday cats

It's been a while since my cats decided to start buying me presents for the big occasions - a lipstick here, a book there. They finally decided that I deserved a little treat, now and then, for putting up with them and their wicked kitty ways.

Brian and Floyd, being naughty

This year, for Christmas, the cats very thoughtfully bought me Calvin Klein Eternity. Isn't that so sweet of them? Eternity was the most popular perfume in my high school in the 90s, and I could never afford it, but now I'm having a total 90s revival moment. And, in a lovely twist, Eternity is actually among the cheaper perfumes from Mr. Klein. So the cats are being nice AND thrifty.

We're down at mama's for the week, a little Christmas vacation. Floyd doesn't like the weather and won't go outside, but Brian has tried a little. Today it rained, and the snow melted, and Brian was able to find a little grass to gnaw on.

Otherwise, it's naps, and baiting the dog (and then yelling at him for showing an interest), and knocking the odd ornament off of the Christmas tree. You know. Cat relaxation.


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