holiday me

My holiday week was pretty good. I went to a Christmas Eve party for mom's side of the family - a lot of jokes, like usual, but none about my feminist t-shirt! I did see some people eyeing it, though. I got to play with one cousin's three little boys, who I see on Facebook all the time. They're pretty cute. 

Christmas was the usual - tearing presents open, then a lazy ham feast. I got a nice little tea chest, and some sweet Tupperware (yeah, I'm excited about it), and a hair dryer (requested), and a frickin' WALKMAN (OK, not name brand, but it plays cassette tapes!), and a bobblehead of Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead. 

Oh, Nicky's boys got this crazy game, The Evil Within. It's one of those games that's super creepy, and makes no sense until the story is over; it starts in a mental hospital where there has been a mass murder... Izaak was playing it and loving it, so every time I was at Nicky's, he wanted to show me different things in the game. This surprised Nicky and Mom - "Izaak wanted to show you something?" Because he's a somewhat surly teen now. Anyway, they have the game on PS3, so I need to buy it for XBox, for mom's house. I love creepy games so much.

And otherwise I just relaxed, like usual. The cats played with little mice that mom got them, and Roy stole the mice a few times. Because it was so warm, Brian got a lot of outdoor time - Floyd doesn't seem into the outdoors unless there's a lot of grass to eat, so he begs to be let back in the house.

I got home at a pretty good time last night, and unpacked a bit. I was so tired when I crawled into bed, but I couldn't sleep. It took me a while to figure out the problem - the neighbors on that side have a light on the back of their house, illuminating the ugly concrete backyard, which is always on. But last night it was off, and my room was so dark. I actually prefer to sleep in complete darkness, but I'm not used to it, so I tossed and turned, and I'm exhausted today. 

I'm excited to break into the giant bottle of bourbon on New Years Eve, and I'm trying to think of a good movie playlist. Definitely "Bridget Jones' Diary", and then maybe "Circle of Friends"? Or "You Got Mail." Something light and froofy. Oh, and a delicious assortment of finger foods from Wegmans.


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