in which I hate on "Sunday Funday"

I do not get going out on a Sunday.  I don't care about the sports, and I don't care to while away my Sunday in a dark bar. My Sundays are jealously saved for laundry and reading and walking, and whatever movie I want to watch in the evening, and whatever giant meal I feel like making and eating. My Sundays are conspicuously free of day drinking, and there is no specter of a Monday Morning Hangover to start the workweek. 

I will, occasionally, foray out for brunch. Brunch is nice and good, but I like to do it rarely, to keep it fresh and beautiful in my mind. I don't ever, EVER want to feel blasé about brunch. And, as for the Sunday Funday phenomenon, I know that a lot of people do Sunday Funday religiously, but I don't get it. And I probably won't be joining you. 

Speaking of not joining you,  I've already decided to give myself a hermit week this week - no hanging with friends after work, just walking and reading and quieting myself down.  I need to just relax and be alone and charge up for crazy October activities, the Halloween parties that require great costumes, the family trips, the work convention that I'll be attending. October is chock full of goodness, and I need to rest up for it.

One of my activities will be watching cheesy horror movies. To that end, I borrowed one of those cheap horror movie box sets from my mom, and last night I watched a few of the movies. SO ridiculous!! First I watched Dracula III: Legacy, which was about a defrocked priest searching for Dracula. I didn't really need to see the second movie to keep up with the "plot", surprisingly enough. The priest was a Blade rip-off, basically, and he kept saying ridiculous things like, "I don't bless babies." And then, at the end, he inexplicably fell in love with this woman he helped rescue. She got skewered by Dracula, so the priest was all, "You're dying. Do you have a last confession?" And she was like, "I've had impure thoughts... for YOU." This while she is BLEEDING OUT ON A DIRTY FUCKING STONE FLOOR!! It was incredible. 

"I wanna bang you too, babe. But your blood might get on me..."

And then I watched "Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers". I saw this in theaters years ago, because I love the Halloween movies, and I had a huge crush on Paul Rudd because of "Clueless". The movie was kind of creepy and fun in the middle, but the beginning and ending make NO sense whatsoever - something about a medical/mystical group that is trying to... do something... by sacrificing a baby or something. And Michael Myers is involved somehow, but they lose control of him. Or something. 

"We don't understand it either."

OH, and the mother of the family living in the Myers house is the woman who played the mother in "Better Off Dead"! She made me sad in this movie though - abused and cowed by an alcoholic asshole husband, and then slaughtered by an unkillable force of evil. Sadness.  

Michael wants his two dollars!!

I think horror movies and cat-cuddling (and reading, and walking) will definitely refresh me. And I can't wait to get started properly tonight.

I've been reading "Villette" by Charlotte Brontë. Some reviewer had deemed it better than "Jane Eyre," so I wanted to give it a try. It is really good, but it seems to have less hope, fewer joyful moments than "Jane Eyre" does. I love the 19th century novel convention of having people randomly find each other after years apart - you would think that the whole of Europe was a very small town. Anyway, I hope to finish "Villette" this week.


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