tiny changes in lifestyle

I don't make resolutions, really. I make very small, achievable plans. Like:

After several years of being a grumpy fuck about my snow boots ("If I wear them to work, I am going to wear them all day! I don't want to be lugging different shoes and 800 bags to and from work."), I am going to be that kind of person who brings cute shoes in a tote, along with my lunch and whatever else. Because 4+ months is too long to go without cute shoes.

After several years of having a messed-up nerve in my back that occasionally shoots pain right up the side of my neck and into my head, I'm going to see about getting a new mattress. I'm also going to look into therapeutic massage,

After several years of watching TV on a 19-inch television that weighs roughly 200 pounds - OK, I'm exaggerating slightly - I'm going to see about upgrading that shit. And then maybe the internal antenna will work better with my black box, so that I can watch more channels than Fox and the CW.

After several years of shoddy list-making, I'm going to start keeping better track of all of the books that I read. Because every single year, I look at the list I've added to throughout the year and I think, "Yeah, I definitely read more books than that." But the books aren't on there, and I can't remember what they are. And a lot of the books were from the library, so I can't even look at my shelves and refresh my memory. I also need to somehow consolidate all of the magazine tear-outs and lists of books that I want to read, which are scattered all over my apartment.

After several years, perhaps I'll be better about having paper messes scattered all over my apartment.


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