in the meantime...

I was going through my Facebook memories last week and thinking, HUH, I sure do get sick a lot at this time of year. And just when I patted myself on the back for being fairly healthy now, my stomach decided to go rogue last Thursday night.

So while I was laying around at home on Friday, with Floyd impersonating a hot-water bottle on my lower stomach, I found out that my landlords sold the house, and that a new owner would be honoring my lease through April. I suspected that all of this was coming, because there have been so many "house inspections" this summer, and because a dude moved out of the front apartment a while ago, and no one moved in. Last week (or the week before... time blurs), the woman who lives above me moved out. And the other tenant who is still in the building has been freaking out for months about the house being sold. And she "contacted a lawyer, and the landlord knew about it!" This tenant is kind of anxiousness personified, and I found it a bit odd that her first instinct was to believe that her landlord would screw her over. I've known of awful landlords - my mom had truly awful landlords before her current house, so bad that I studied up on New York State tenant law to try and help her - and my landlords don't fit the bill. I decided to wait and see instead of getting all worked up.

Anyway, since I was feeling poorly when I got the New Landlord News, I didn't have the energy for a full anxiety meltdown myself, and then I had Saturday to process and think of pros and cons - my lease is up in April, and hopefully the new landlord will be awesome, but if I do have to move, at least I'll be moving away from CAN, and maybe I can check out another neighborhood in the city... and then yesterday morning I found out that the new owner is a woman who will also be living in our building, which actually made me feel a lot better. So I am hopeful, but also I'll be paying attention to whether I should start saving up toward another move. I'm hoping that MAYBE I will become BFFs with the new owner, and she'll be a good ally against CAN, since I'm sure she'll be experiencing his bullshit, being female and all. Or, more realistically, she'll realize I'm a good tenant, and want to keep me around instead of pricing me out of the apartment that I still love, after 3 and a half years.

Meanwhile, I'll focus on Halloween and enjoying my favorite season. Pumpkin beers all around!

I am absolutely loving this cooler weather. I'm relaxing better (with cats all over me), and sleeping better (with cats all over me) and breathing better and walking better. At home, I still have some windows cracked for fresh air, but with strategic windows closed, I can't hear CAN ranting and raving from inside his house, which is always a bonus. And if the cold continues, maybe he'll close HIS window and calm the fuck down. I honestly haven't seen him outside, in his backyard or otherwise, for a while, but I always hear him bitching about all of the people who he hates in the neighborhood. According to him, I am a tramp who doesn't know how to be a lady, and I'm not as smart as I think I am... I could hear him throwing absolute fits on Friday because I didn't go to work, how dare I! In my Facebook memories, I noticed that CAN goes way off-track at this time of year. Maybe he gets the fall equinox blues, with some kind of paranoid component. If past years have been any indication, after a while I won't have any problems with him for 4 to 6 months, and then it'll all start over again, WHEEEEEEE.

Anyway, layering. Halloween. Scary movies. FALL. 


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