I spent the last week pretty much huddled all over the house - in my bed, on the sofa in the family room. My dearest, youngest nephew rubbed snot all over my face on purpose last weekend, and I got sick on Monday.

These things are to be expected when you are a devoted Auntie. Especially when your nephews (and possibly your niece) have a little bit of the Devil in them. Hell, that's what makes them so much fun!

All week I have been coughing and a little dizzy and constantly tired, with a runny nose. I slept as much as I could, and I drank a ton of tea and water. I made a few forays into the outside world, but these trips were necessities, for the most part, and I was always happy to come home and rest up.

Today I journeyed out to a coffee shop nearby, and I was just excited to be up and about and looking presentable. Who knew that wearing drawstring pants could start to feel so demoralizing after a while? Also, I really, really missed eye makeup.


A Fuss said…
Hmmm, I never wear eye makeup. But I'm thinking of trying it. Hope you feel better!

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