Easter Goodness

I am agnostic, and therefore do not celebrate any sort of religious Easter. I'm not sure whether my mother or my sister believe in Jesus rising from his grave, but I do know that we never go to church on Easter, dressed up in stiff outfits.

We do, however, like the less religious Easter trappings. Eggs! Chocolate! Ham dinner!

In those respects, I had a fantabulous Easter with my family. All of the little 'uns were around, from the tiny baby girl who squeals with delight to the tallest nephew, who takes after me. The older boys made eggs, and the younger kids (except the baby, who cannot walk around yet) ate mass amounts of chocolate and candy.

Now I am back in Buffalo, waiting for some sort of spring-like weather. It may be a while.


A Fuss said…
I never got around to doing Easter Eggs this year. Sad. I'm gonna have to give that a go anyway, I think.

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