There were two birthdays to celebrate this weekend - Kailyne's 2nd birthday, and my sister's fiancé's 30-mumble birthday. I had so much cake and ice cream!

Kailyne's mom Chaileh complained that the frosting on her cakes had been smeared on the way to the party, at an area park. Whatever... it was delicious! Chaileh also had really good pizza, and veggies and dip, and chips and salsa, so it was a pretty good spread. Mom and I took three of my nephews to the party, and they got to have fun on the nearby playground. And I ain't gonna lie, I was on the swings a lot too.

For Billy's "party," mom and I made chili and a peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting. We ate that two days in a row - so good. And now I'm hungry.

Sadly, in order to be there for family birthdays, I had to miss a friend's birthday, and that was sad. But he assures me that he had a great time, and that someone took pictures.


I came back to a cat who seems less than affectionate. I don't know if he's mad that I took off without him, or if he finally realized that I will come back, and that he doesn't need to be attached to me at all times to feel loved.


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