A pointed post

As a recently unhappy employee (say... from last winter until July 30th) and a currently ecstatic unemployed person, I feel the need to pointedly link to this post:

Bad Bosses Hurt the Economy

My last boss was pretty demoralizing and nefarious and secretive and exclusionary... she fostered a bad, sneaky, backstabbing office environment and nixed any attempts by others to improve communication between coworkers and office morale. Turnover in her very small office was extremely and embarrassingly high. Apparently the entire STAFF would change every two or three years.

She fired me, saying that I was a great worker and an all-around awesome person, but that I wasn't a good "fit" for the job. She acknowledged that I'd been doing way too much work, way more than I should have done, but took no blame on herself. In her final days as executive director, she also managed to severely endanger the credibility of the entire organization, just by completely ignoring a major situation that it was her job to take care of.

From what I've been hearing (rumbles in the underground), the new boss is just as bad, with rudeness and open hostility and derision mixed in for good measure. Had I not been fired, I imagine that I would have soon quit anyway.

Also, from what I hear, the high turnover continues. And while I do not like or respect my boss or her successor, I'm not gloating at this news, because the organization itself has great merit and deserves better than it's getting.


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