Stuff I Want

As the title suggests, I'm going to make a post about the stuff I want. This is by no means a complete list, of course!

I would love to have this flask. Stainless steel, and the artwork is so me! Wait... is 8 oz. standard for a flask? It seems big, but I've never had a flask before, so what do I know?

I would be totally badass drinking from that flask while wearing this bracelet.

I have always wanted a pair of Born boots, and these are PERFECT.

Oh, these are nice as well!

Banana Republic has these gorgeous gray suede pumps. (Why pumps? I don't like that term, when applied to shoes. "High Heels" it is, then.)

OK... so if I had unlimited clothing money, but could only shop in one store, it would be J. Jill. Not only are their clothes comfy and classy and well-made, their shoes and bags and jewelry are gorgeous too. I want this necklace.

I love the webcomic "A Softer World," and I have sadly never bought any of their t-shirts. This one is right up my alley.

And I've always wanted this t-shirt from Dinosaur Comics. If you want a healthy chuckle, please click on the links and read the comics this shirt is based on.

I would love to own this sweater vest, and I promise that I would make coy faces while wearing it, just like the model!

And, last but not least, I would love to have this journal and this fountain pen, so that I can write long and maudlin entries about being too much of a consumer. Or about how I can't really afford any of the things I want.


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