Story of My Life

I have been battling the washing machine on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sink that the washer drains into was clogged (with a piece of glass, no less), so I took care of that. But then the tub wouldn't fill up all the way; it just kept draining out. When it finally did fill up all the way, the agitator wasn't turning, so I kept rearranging the clothing, taking some clothing out. Blech.

I believe that washer is on its last legs. It was left behind by a previous roommate, and I only use it every other weekend, because I usually take my laundry to my mother's whenever I go down. I wonder if other people in the house have had problems.

I did have that moment when I was about to cry from frustration, standing in the dank, muddy basement. Well, cry or scream. But the older I get, the more quickly I get back to "Everything will be OK, this isn't the end of the world." Even just a few years ago, I would have cried and screamed and raged for an embarrassingly long time, but now, not so much. Not only did I not cry or scream or rage, five minutes later I was totally fine again.

Of course, it may have helped that I am VERY excited to go to the Social Distortion concert tomorrow night! I've been listening to them non-stop since yesterday... I know "Story of My Life" backwards and forwards, from Guitar Hero, but I really like all of their stuff. And I love picking out concert outfits. And don't even get me started on makeup schemes!

So I spent two days of this week looking after my friend Alex's baby Maddie. And she is an awesome baby! She lets you know what she wants, and if she cries, it isn't for long. And she was constantly smiling and squawking with happiness. She seems to like me, and if I went into the kitchen or to the bathroom for a minute, she would be so excited to see me coming back. I know babies have short memories, but it was precious.

And Alex paid me more than I expected or wanted (and I let her). So thanks, Alex, for letting me spend time with your baby AND for helping me add to my wardrobe. Old Navy and Target were having killer sales.


A Fuss said…
Oh by the way, I'm newly re-addicted to Outlet Malls. We should go again!

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