Workin' it

I started a new job on Monday. I now have a cubicle (I actually enjoy cubicles), and a key, and a badge. I'm going to be intentionally vague about my job, but I feel like I'm in my element! I'm learning fast, I like the people I'm working with, and I'm making good money and getting great benefits.

Today I brought in my teas and a cup, and a painted plaque with cats on it, and one of Owen's school pictures. The other nephews, and the nieces, will follow. Oh, and I'll bring in some decent pens - I'm one of those people who brings in office supplies I like. Hmmm... I wonder what I did with my old office penholder?

I applied and interviewed for a lower position, and I was told that I'm actually more qualified for the higher position that I ended up getting. How cool is that?!? For quite a few years, from grad school on, it seemed like I was constantly hearing that I was overqualified. Now it's a really nice surprise to hear, "Well, you're overqualified for this, so how about we have you do this instead, and how about we pay you more?"

Anyway, even though I'm not yet used to the torture of getting up at 6:30 AM, I am content right now. Earlier I was in my cubicle, listening to music, sipping my tea, confident in my abilities. I don't think that this job will ever make me rich, but it will make me comfortable, and that's all I've ever asked.

Getting back to Owen, he got his first haircut last weekend. Three years old, and he'd never had a haircut. Nicky kept saying that he wasn't ready, and he repeated that to everyone, like a parrot. But then he kept asking and asking for a haircut, and finally Nicky had to acquiesce. Owen went from having a huge mop of curly hair to a nice, sleek cut. He looks so cute now, so much older, and his ears look bigger and his head looks smaller. We were worried about his curls being lost, but it looks like they'll grow back.

Owen kept asking me all weekend to feel how soft his hair was. But the greatest moment was when he and I were watching his brothers play Dance Dance Revolution. Owen told me that he wished he had his hair back so that he could "go like this," and then he performed a very slow, very serious sequence of headbanging. I said, "You want your hair back so that you can headbang?!?"



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