Several months ago, I had decided that I would dress up like Velma from Scooby-Doo for Halloween. All I would need was an orange sweater, orange knee socks and some black construction paper to turn my nice, purple glasses into thick black ones. I had everything else, including the PERFECT Velma shoes.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about a Halloween party that I’d been invited to, for Friday night (my friends Ami and Jon had their party on Saturday). I didn’t want to wear the same costume on both nights, so I decided that I would be Zombie Marilyn Monroe for the Friday party. Then I decided that Zombie Marilyn Monroe would be a more fun costume than Velma, what with the awesome makeup I would get to do. And I didn’t end up going to the Friday party after all – I was fighting off something, so I stayed home and chugged Airborne and got a lot of sleep.

I had pretty much everything I would need for Zombie Marilyn Monroe. The only thing that I bought was a family Halloween makeup kit, 50% off. It had the creamy paints and those weird crayons that are supposed to work on your skin but never do, and white base makeup, and fake blood, and two different textured sponges. For $2.50, a good deal. My Marilyn Monroe wig was kind of old and looked bedraggled and perfect for a zombie.

On Friday night, in between chugging Airborne and sucking on Vitamin C lozenges, I did a “distressed” paint job, because zombies are bad at painting their own nails. I am also bad at painting my nails, but this time all of the weird ridges and scratches were on purpose! On Saturday night, I wore a teal dress and black Mary Jane high heels, and sparkly earrings and a big sparkly ring. My flesh was white and green (in the future, I should use more green for zombie looks). I had smoky eyes and red lips and that iconic beauty mark, along with gashes and blood and an unhealthy pallor.

And the party was so much fun. Yesterday I had that inevitable “Now it’s another year until Halloween” letdown feeling. Also, it was my friend Julia’s last day in Buffalo – she’s moving in with her boyfriend. I know that I’ll see her a lot, but still. Of course, now I have Malachai’s birthday coming up, and Thanksgiving, and Izaak’s birthday and Christmas, and a ton of birthdays until January. Plus a brand-new job, all to keep me busy.


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