On Wednesday I came outside and heard two mourning doves serenading each other across Allentown. My favorite bird sounds; I used to imitate their calls all summer long, to see if I could get them to respond. I’ve never heard them in winter before. When I mentioned this at work, a coworker said, “Well, the pilated woodpecker has its babies in February.” I promptly called her a bird-dork.

I have bought all of the paint and supplies that I need to transform my room, and I am ready to go. Tonight I plan on painting some of my uglier furniture, like the hutch that is perfectly lovely in form, but has been painted in horrid country-style colors. Yeah, that hutch is going to be a glossy white by this time tomorrow.

And tomorrow I am tackling the room itself. New ceiling paint for, ahem, the ceiling, and a lovely dark gray for the walls. I circled around and around the paint section of Home Depot last night, trying to decide. I wanted a medium gray with a hint of purple, but I wasn’t seeing what I’d envisioned – everything was just a bit too light for me. So I decided to go darker than I meant to, and then I saw the color that I wanted. And it was called… “Intellectual.” Swoon. THAT is a paint for me!

I also bought the roller and its extender, and a tarp (I already had the pan, the brushes, that awesome blue tape). I am so ready to paint tomorrow. I am going to paint that room like it’s always wanted to be painted. And yeah, I just narrowed my eyes when I typed that.

So. The snow. For the past few weeks, we have had monster weather predictions, big storms that are supposed to rip through the area and leave a ton of snow in their wakes. Well, we have gotten very little, and the Northeast and further south have been slammed. I think a lot of Western New Yorkers are breathing sighs of relief, while I am feeling strangely competitive about it. And I do not know what that’s about! “WTF, Mother Nature?!? We’re BUFFALO! Where are our blizzards?!?”

And… I’ve officially gone crazy. We’ll blame this, once again, on my cat Floyd, who persists in waking me up several times a night, every night. His newest thing is to curl himself up in my arms, so that his ears brush against my face and scare me awake. This would infuriate me if it weren’t so darn precious. Not so precious? He still likes to poke me with his claws at random intervals. I think he likes the way I jump when he does that.


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