Whoops, I drank all the wine!

Last night I accidentally drank a bottle of wine. I say "accidentally" because I was drinking the yummy Earth, Zin and Fire, and I was watching the Trailer Park Boys and laughing, and drinking more wine, and before I knew it, the wine was completely and totally gone. Empty bottle.

The wine DID help me get through the movie "He's Just Not That Into You," which Shon brought home - what a waste of time that movie was!! It was so stereotypical, from the single girl who over-analyzes everything and will do just about any crazy thing to get some male attention, to the frigid, control-freak wife, to the cheating husband, to the woman who is in the perfect relationship, except OMIGOD-WE'RE-NOT-MARRIED, to the bartender who really wants to commit, even though he doesn't know that yet, to the woman who is so mixed up about the technology of dating that she needs three stereotypical gay friends to tell her "Oh, honey, no!" Oh, and the selfish slut-bomb who doesn't think about who she's hurting, and the guy who throws over more "decent" women because he's so hung up on the selfish slut-bomb.

Ridiculousness abounded. Yes, the wine helped me get through it, but I was not so mellow that I could keep from rolling my eyes, staring at the ceiling, or saying "Are you SERIOUS?" over and over again. Shon's friend Anibal was in agreement with me. Shon himself tried to tell me that he knows a ton of women who act as crazy as the single girl, but by the end of the movie, even he was saying, "Yeah, that was too much."

Before the wine and the movie that seemed to insult every romantic stereotype it included, I got dressed up and went to Spot. I had a great time, reading "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters," eating a chicken foccacia, drinking cafe au laits, writing in my journal. I just love the decadence of taking time to put together an outfit, doing whatever kind of dramatic or crazy make-up I can think of (I went for dramatic yesterday), and then hanging out in an eclectic setting perfect for reading and people-watching, for as long as I want.

I must have looked halfway decent - I got home, and everyone I saw asked if I'd been on a date. Nope, not me. Just having some fun on my own, surrounded by people.

Today I care not a whit about the Super Bowl. Instead, I am all set up in the dining room, with a book, my journal, my computer... and everything I need to do my taxes. So that's what I'm up to.


A Fuss said…
Glad you're blogging more often lately:) And I like your new header thing.
Literary Auntie said…
Thank you! Glad you are, too.

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