This explains SO MUCH – The Highly Sensitive Person

There I was, reading Marie Claire before bed, lusting after makeup and jewelry that was out of my price range. Then I came upon an article that actually made me sit up in bed.

It was about the Highly Sensitive Person, and of course it had a quiz attached. Usually I ignore anything with a quiz, because I don’t feel the need to be diagnosed by a magazine, but the article sounded like I was reading about myself (and I sure hope that Marie Claire credited Elaine Aron, because the quiz seems to be lifted word for word from her site).

Maybe check Aron's site out for yourself: The Highly Sensitive Person

“According to Dr. Aron's definition, the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) has a sensitive nervous system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment.”

The article, and Aron’s website, describe so many problems that I’ve had, so many situations that I’ve been in – noticing things that everyone around me seems to have missed, taking any perceived slight so much to heart that I can’t stop thinking about it even YEARS after the fact, anxiety when presented with too much of anything.

I actually think that my need to shut myself up in my room on a regular basis is pretty well-documented, here on my blog. Whenever I socialize more than usual, or have a more hectic time at work than usual, my instinct is to get away to a quiet place and recuperate (‘recharge” is how I frequently put it, because I can find many things draining).

One of the things mentioned in the article is that an HSP finds it very easy to get emotional about books, TV shows, movies and music. I have actually been discussing the ease with which I cry at things, both happy and sad, that happen in a book or on a screen.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how this all seems to fit me; the point is that I think I need to check out Aron’s books. And hey, this might affect 15 to 20% of the world, so maybe you might be interested in checking the books out too.


Shannon said…
Ok so- I spied on your blog. You wanted me to...or you would not have put your address on your profile. Anyway... this is me too. I realized when I read "The Highly Sensitive Child" which I would swear was written about my 5 year old. It helped me to understand both of us better. You may spy on my blog if you can find it. :) I have not written in months.
i am dumb and boring....but awesome anyway.

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