X-mas and Floyd and the Trailer Park Boys

I have started a list of Christmas gift ideas. I am in charge of my own fate! I make my destiny! (I like to be organized about such things.)


My hands have gotten dried out very quickly this year – not sure what that’s about. And this morning Floyd started licking my left hand, and I’m not sure what THAT’S about either. Maybe he likes the taste of my lotion? Either way, I’m sure that his little sandpaper tongue was doing no favors for my skin, but it was kind of precious.

Floyd has been really clingy lately. I mean, really, really clingy. If I’m next to anything he can jump on, like a chair or a table, he will jump up until he’s about waist-high to me, and THEN HE WILL TRY TO CLIMB ME. It would be kind of cute, except that cats climb using their claws.

And he’s always been kind of a lap cat, but it has reached epic proportions. As soon as I sit down, he’s on top of me. Last week I was sick with a head cold, and he was SO HAPPY that I was home for a few days and that I wasn’t doing much. I lolled around on the couch and watched movies, and he was happy to spend all day lying on top of me, purring and dozing. Every time I try to move or get up, it’s such a process getting him off of me.

The biggest change is in our sleeping habits. I like to sleep in on weekends, and lately Floyd has taken to crawling under the covers with me. He’ll go under the covers (I have to lift them up for him – otherwise he claws the crap out of everything, trying to lift the covers up himself), and then come back out a little bit, so that everything is covered except for his head. Then he lays down in the crook of my arm. It’s really like sleeping with a living teddy bear clutched at my side. It can be a bit disruptive to my sleep, though, because he likes to stretch his front paws out and run them through my hair, or down my face. Yes, sometimes with claws.


My sister and I went to see the Trailer Park Boys perform at Buff State this weekend – HIGH-larious! It was such a good time, and yes, Julian was sexy. And I hear that the Boys were fun to hang out with afterward.

My sister and I jetted back to my house and then went out to my favorite dive bar, the Pink. I think it’s the first time my sister has enjoyed the Buffalo nightlife (in my company, anyway), and it sure was interesting. Nicky is a smoker, so she kept going outside to smoke. Every time she came back inside, she had a different story to tell, from the guy who yelled at her, “Where’s the weed, sexy?,” to the guy who came up and asked her if she wanted any “nose candy.”

Oh, Buffalo, you never disappoint!


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