I feel like I never mentioned the awesome vintage Samsonite train case I got a few months ago.

I was , of course, tempted to go with the ubiquitous aqua, but this blue spoke to me.  It is lovely, and in very good condition, and it holds all of my make-up (not a small feat).  Before this, I had a "train case" from Caboodles - the outside was nice and sturdy, but the inside was all cardboard.  The inside of the lovely Samsonite train case is a lovely, pearly ivory plastic, which won't tear and dump my lip glosses into my eye shadows.  No more Caboodles for me!

I also may not have mentioned the little purple owl figurine I bought at the Music is Art Festival this summer.   He means business, and so of course I took him to work and put him on my computer.  He glares at me, sometimes smiles at me, while I do what I do.  I named him Julius.  This is Mealy Monster's Etsy site - Mealy Monster Land.  I kind of wish I could afford to buy all of her stuff.

At least a zombie or two.


I know that the holiday season isn't supposed to be just about the gifts, but I love giving.  I really enjoy thinking about what someone will like, and while I don't spend a lot of money, I do put in a lot of effort.  I did all of my online shopping in the first week of December, to make sure that everything got here on time, and I have been frustrated at every turn.

The US Postal Service held on to two packages, even after I asked them TWICE to redeliver, and mis-sent a third package to who knows where... which, of course, delayed my receiving it.

DHL had no tracking information at all for one package, just a note on their site saying that they were having problems tracking "several" domestic packages (I'm assuming that means ALL domestic packages).

One company didn't even bother sending out my package.  I sent a friendly e-mail asking if it had been shipped, and they immediately issued me a refund.  I ordered the same item from Amazon.com and paid extra for two-day shipping.  UPS said that the package was delivered to the "side door" on Thursday, so I came home all excited... and found nothing.  We have a lot of snow lying around, and I could easily see that no one had been near the side door - no footprints.

I looked at the UPS website, and the best I could do was claim the value of the item, and then MAYBE I might receive a payment for it in 10 days.  I contacted Amazon, and they said that sometimes the shipper will mark a package as delivered when it is nowhere near ready to be delivered.

I think I got the package today - apparently two-day shipping will actually take four days.

I know, these are total first-world country problems, and I am now that annoying chick who doesn't know how good she has it, being able to shop online for frivolous things in the first place.  But I have been so stressed out and frustrated over this!  At one point, I seriously thought that I'd have to tell almost everybody I was buying for that one of their presents hadn't arrived.

And still, I am ready to celebrate the holidays with my family.  I have more shopping to do on Tuesday, and then the wrapping, and then I'm heading down to Familyland on Wednesday night.  Izaak is turning 11 on Friday (ELEVEN, I can't believe it!), and then we're in the thick of it!

Can't wait.  


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