the round-up

I was catching up on my Mimi Smartypants a few days ago, and she shared a link to a blog entry about all of the dead bodies that are on Mount Everest, bodies which can't be retrieved.  This, to me, is unbelievably freaky and morbid, and I can tell that it's going to haunt me for a while.  There is no gore, but there are pictures of some of the bodies here, if you're interested.  Good writing, too.

They named a cavern after someone who died there in 1996!  (No, I don't know who "they" are.  I don't think I want to.)

I think it's crazy to be willing to die for sport or accomplishment, so I don't understand the need to reach the summit of a mountain, let alone a mountain that has claimed so many lives (and Mount Everest isn't even the most deadly of the high peaks).  And yet there is a certain sick poetic quality to some of the imagery the blog entry brings up - a rainbow of down coats on dead bodies visible in the snow, a dead woman sitting upright, in full view of all climbers for years, her brown hair blowing in the wind.

I am going to have nightmares tonight.


My holidays were fun and varied, and I got a lot of cute things, including two new purses and some pretty things for the home.  My gifts were well-received, which makes me happy.

And I had a fun New Year's - I went to a house party in the neighborhood.  I have always wanted to see the inside of that house!  And one of the owners had a tortoise, which I loved.


My gym has closed.  I should be more upset, maybe, but I hadn't been there since July anyway... I don't think that the gym culture is for me.  I would much rather stick to long walks and free weights, and the occasional bouts of crunches and push-ups while I'm watching TV.  Maybe someday I'll invest in a treadmill, but otherwise, I won't miss the gym.  At all.


I am loving WINTER.  We had a few days of very warm weather this weekend, during which all of the beautiful snow disappeared, and I was so happy to see the snow falling yesterday.

But the one thing I really, truly hate about winter is the amount of electrical shocks I get, from anything that can conduct even the tiniest amount of electricity.  For instance, I just got a shock when I stuck my hand under running water.  Not cool.


I saw "Black Swan" yesterday.  I suck at insightful reviews, but it was such a good movie, and so bizarre and inventive.  I guess what I am giving is a glowing endorsement.


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