What good sleep does for me

Last night I got home from my mother's rather early (for me). I went to bed, fell right asleep, and slept through the night.

I do not feel like myself today.

In fact, I got halfway through my walk to work before I realized that I had forgotten my purse at home. And I rarely forget things, and I have NEVER forgotten my purse before! Apparently being tired and running around grumbling about gremlins who ruin my mornings is the only way I can function and do everything properly. (The gremlins are what make mornings awful for me - bra straps break as I'm walking out the front door, buttons pop off of cardigans, shoelaces break at the worst possible time - you get the idea.)

Anyway, I was halfway through my 5-minute walk to work this morning, and I stopped and debated whether I would actually need my purse or not. Since it is -10 degrees outside - NOT an exaggeration - I decided I could live without the purse for a day.

At least I'm well-rested.


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