Bitchy McGee

Due to overwork and tiredness and too much stimulation in the last few weeks, I was probably headed down the path to a bit of recharge time anyway, but my roommate's douchey note pushed me right over the edge just a tiny bit faster. Truth be told, there is something so contrarily satisfying about hunkering down in my dark room, all grumpy and alone, when it's sunny and gorgeous outside.

Last night I even filled up a bowl with ice and put some beers in it, so that I could have the beers right next to me in my room, and I wouldn't have to come downstairs and encounter people in the kitchen.

Already I'm feeling much better about the world. This is good, because tonight I plan on going down to the harbor for Lowest of the Low, and then after tomorrow's workday I have a four-day weekend! Which sounds relaxing, but it will be filled with children and screaming.    


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