Kick-start my rockin' rollin' heart

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a CAKE show at ArtPark, and my friends and I had really good seats. We bought the tickets way back in January, and I seriously thought that the show would never get here, but then BOOM, it was time!

The lead singer, John McCrea, brought the sex, and he waved the sex around in my general direction. The sex, and the vibraslap.

Slap that!

Well, I'm sure he was waving both around in everyone's direction, because he's a sharing kind of guy (they gave away an apple tree to an audience member!). But I got hit full-force in the loins.

Yes, the CAKE show was all about brains and loins. And random frat-types drinking like fish, for some reason - who can afford to drink like that? There was a lot of randomness in the crowd, and there was a bit of douchiness from John McCrea, which I enjoyed immensely. An example: some drunken audience member kept yelling for "Going the Distance," until Mr. McCrea snapped, "We're not playing that!" Later there was an intermission, and audience members had plenty of time to get back to their seats before the band started, but of course bros and their dates were bro-ing it up outside, loading up on expensive, crappy beer, and at least half of the audience hadn't returned when the band came back. And so, of course, CAKE immediately played "Going the Distance," apparently to fuck with all of the people who weren't showing proper respect.

I loved it.

Last night, I was lucky enough to see Jimmy Eat World at the Town Ballroom. "Bleed American" was the soundtrack of my 23rd year, which was a good year, and I have followed the band since. And where the CAKE show was all brains and loins for me, the Jimmy Eat World show went straight for my heart. They are considered the founders of Emo-core, after all (and no, I don't care if I spelled or punctuated that right).

I started the night off with two rum and cokes, which Julia said I should call "Julians":  
"It's MY drink, I brought it from home!"

Civil Twilight was the opening band, and I quite enjoyed them. I remember hearing their latest album on NPR last year, and I listened to the song "Letters From the Sky" over and over again. They also did a really strong cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop." After the concert, I bought the latest album on iTunes (I meant to last year, but NPR lets you listen to so many great albums before their release, it's easy to overlook an album that you loved when it's buyin' time).

And then Jimmy Eat World came on and played ALL of "Bleed American" for the album's 10-year anniversary. HECK YES! Needless to say, we all went pretty wild. I am more of a head-bopper than a sing-along type, but I was screaming with everybody else when they did "Sweetness."

And then they had a short break and played some more songs, and it was such a good time! Even when their songs are angry or pleading or kind of douchey, there is a joy behind it all that is very infectious. Indeed, I had some superfans in front of me that were freaking out the whole time (though I couldn't see them myself, I was told that the guy directly in front of me was making fantastic faces).

The band worked their ASSES off and were obviously having fun:
That is one sweaty shirt

I went home with aching feet and and a happy heart-brain situation.


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