Beat the heat (with a giant stick of snow)

When even your heat-loving friends are moaning, "Toooo muuuuuuuuch!," you know it's hot out. And me, I enjoy winter. I don't hate summer, but my body and mind do better with chilly than with sweaty. Especially when I'm sweating as soon as I get out of a cool shower. Or waking up a billion times a night because the A/C isn't making a dent in my bedroom. Or having to go downstairs every 15 minutes for more ice water to guzzle. Factor in a car that doesn't have A/C and has only two working windows (both on the same side of the car), and there you have it: I am barely exaggerating when I say that this heat wave is sucking the life out of me.

I had my most active night last night, when I went out for an iced chai latte and read a bit, and then I bought some groceries. Everything I bought can be eaten without needing to be cooked first: hummus and pita bread, greek yogurt, etc. Edy's Fruit Bars and fudgecicles figure prominently in my diet this week.

I still enjoy my job, but it's especially nice to come to work when the building has very serious A/C. Also, they keep feeding me food, so that I don't even have to expend any energy foraging for it!

I went shopping on Monday night (the mall was gloriously cool), and I bought two candles for my room at the new Anthropologie store. The scent is Midnight, by the Soap and Paper Factory, and when burned, these candles turn my room from a soupy, hot mess into something downright sultry, something out of Tennessee Williams.

Still, I was ecstatic to see that the temperature for Sunday is expected to be in the low 70s.


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