The Kid is gone!

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I have had the most awful time sleeping this week. I'm not sure why, but I've been blaming everything on ragweed and my period. Two very likely suspects for my zombie eyes and non-working brain.

You know who I can't blame for my sleeplessness, for once? The Kid! Because the Kid finally moved the fuck out! He moved in with his girlfriend, who apparently told Shon that she likes me, because I made the Kid be "cleaner." Sure, the Kid only gave Shon a week's notice, because he can't even get the fuck out considerately, but he is gone!

I should be sleeping like a damn baby. The Kid doesn't just "happen" to be coming out of his room every time I come in the house or down the stairs. All of my dishes and glasses are in the cabinets, clean and sparkly and ready to use, not sitting in the Kid's room, all dirty. The slamming of doors has gone down 80% since Sunday.

The Kid is an ardent Ron Paul supporter, which I found out after he was gone, and EW, how awful! It's probably a good thing I didn't know that before, because I would have needled the Kid constantly. "Are you racist? Homophobic? Do you hate women? Do you seriously think that that lunatic will help ANYTHING?"

Seriously. FUCK RON PAUL.

Um... anyway, the Kid is gone, and maybe I'm having trouble sleeping because the house is so quiet! Well, the roommate who has very loud sex with his girlfriend is still around, so the house isn't too quiet. But apparently he's moving out too.


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