he has JUMP

I got my car back from the garage this morning, after handing over a large chunk of change. Yes, I could have used that money for other things, BUT! When I pulled my car onto the street and gently stepped on the gas pedal (expecting the usual, slow acceleration of a 14-year-old car), I got blown back in my seat! My car's got jump again! And it has been years.

Also, the walk from my house to the bus stop and the walk from the bus stop to the car garage was gorgeous. The weather for the last few days has been absolutely beautiful, but I have not been appreciating it because I have been moping and wallowing.  This morning, though, even on my way to hand over what is a lot of money to me, I could not help but enjoy myself, and enjoy the weather. The air was soft, and the leaves were colorful and crunchy, and everything smelled amazing. Even on the bus.

Also, while I was driving my car to work, I saw a black cat run across Elmwood and under some hedges. He scared out some birds, and then he did this hilariously crazy leap to try and catch one of the birds. It was obvious that he was just having so much fun, and it made me giggle quite a bit.

Also, I saw a really hot rockabilly guy delivering food to a convenience store. There's something about the hair and the tattoos under a uniform...

So. I feel pretty awesome today. I love to indulge in a bit of a mope, because I know that things will get resolved and everything will be fine. Sometimes we all need a little mope, a bit of contrast, to make the "regular" things not seem so ignorable. Like going to bed with a massive headache and waking up pain-free and refreshed.

I'm still broke. But I feel pretty awesome.


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