Note: There won't be any high drama in this post. I just started to imagine how I would title blog posts if they were bad action movies.

The weather has finally cooled down a bit, and over the weekend it was very fall-like. Indeed, there was a micro burst on Saturday morning that had leaves (and branches) falling down in abundance. I don't believe that anyone was hurt, but some houses and buildings were damaged, and possibly some cars, based on the size of the downed branches I saw.

I went to Spot for a little reading party with Julia, and I was having fun looking at all of the outfits. Half of the people I saw were sticking to their summer wardrobes, temperature be damned - and, OK, it wasn't quite as cool as predicted. The other half was obviously just as excited about FALL! as I was. I myself was quite happy to finally be able to wear the chiffon jacket that I bought a few months ago.

After our reading frenzy... our very laid-back reading frenzy... we went to Blue Monk and had a few beers. I do enjoy such things.

I enjoy such things so much that Julia and I are having a beer weekend this weekend, visiting a few breweries in the Southern Tier, including Southern Tier Brewing Company, which brews my very favorite beer, Pumking Ale.

AND this weekend is Kailyne's birthday party - little girl is going to be 5! So all kinds of fun.


A Fuss said…
Awesome title. You would be good at movie marketing.
Literary Auntie said…
I find that funny, because I am actually really, really bad at blog post titles!

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