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House should renew Violence Against Women Act

"Last year, House Republicans blocked renewal of the law because they objected to extending the law’s protections to Native American women, lesbians and illegal immigrants. Those women, including thousands here in Western New York, also deserve to be protected against domestic violence."


I visited my family for the long weekend, and it was a good time. For the first time this winter, I didn't have to drive through any white-outs, there or back, and I didn't have to clean off my car once. And I got to see all of the nieces and nephews, except for Izaak, who went on vacation with his aunt and her family. We watched some Harry Potter, we watched some Jurassic Park, we watched some Powerpuff Girls. I finished the last season of "Justified" and caught up on "The Walking Dead". I played race cars with Johnny (more accurately, I stole his race car, and he chased me around and took it back).  

Zelda and Floyd loafed around.

Owen took a bubble bath and insisted on reading a book in the bath, just like I do. PRECIOUS! And yesterday Kailyne was reading some little kid comics on my mother's Kindle, and doing a great job at it. And mom and I had a reading party on Saturday afternoon. 

I read "The Great Gatsby" for my book club. It has occurred to me that I should reread a lot of the things that I read in school, because I resented and rejected anything that I was made to read. I've sort of mentally thrown out some really good stuff in fits of wannabe-intellectual rebellion. Luckily, I got over this attitude by the time I got to college. But it would be helpful to revisit some things that I read in middle school and high school, from an adult point of view.


I'm about to start reading the "Game of Thrones" books. I seen the TV show, and now I'm about to get all the way obsessed.


I managed to slice open the tip of the middle finger on my right hand. It doesn't hurt much, but it looks gross, and it's inconvenient for typing. And, yeah, in true clutz fashion, I sliced my finger open on a tube of toothpaste. I didn't even feel it... I just looked down and saw the blood. As usual, I was distracted at the time. My poor hands.



Sarah, you sure have a way of maximizing space in your blog! I hope that finger does not hurt as much though. It's true, rereading old books should be done by adults like us who hated them before but find their literary usefulness these days.

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