Music this summer

I was very upset when the Canalside Concert Series was announced this year. My favorite new band, July Talk, will be performing the week of the Ride For Roswell, when my work life goes into overdrive, so I probably won't be able to attend. And the same thing happened last year with the Sam Roberts Band! (Fun fact - I saw July Talk open for the Sam Roberts Band in February.)

I was kind of bummed about missing July Talk. Although I am very excited about Matt and Kim, Fuel, Everclear, IRON & WINE!!, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones... and all of these shows are free. Man, I love Buffalo.

But I digress.

My disappointment in not seeing July Talk was mostly wiped out when I found out that Girl in a Coma would be in town for Gay Pride! I have loved them since forever, and I was out of town the last time they were in Buffalo, so I am very excited to see them in two weeks.

And let's be real, July Talk is from Toronto, so I might get to see them a lot more. I hope so.


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