I painted a dresser

Horoscopes are not my jam, but I enjoy the Lenny horoscopes. For instance, here's mine for December:

(May 21 to June 20)
You are most at home being in control. You are second most at home being like “Fuck it all.” But the gray area, the suspended experience of not knowing or loosening your grip just a touch, is the scariest for you. It’s scary, because to let go just a little means you have to relinquish an outcome in which you are still invested. This month, don’t hold on to all your shit too tightly. Likewise, don’t just throw it all in the trash. Instead, just walk with your shit, knowing that some of it is yours and some of it doesn’t belong to you, but you’ve been entrusted to carry it — gently."

I spent a lovely week at my mom's for Thanksgiving. The cats went outside every single day, and Brian finally tried walking in the snow! Floyd won't truck with snow at all, but Brian made the effort and decided that snow isn't too bad. And then it warmed up for the rest of the week, and all of the snow melted. Typical.

We had our usual Thanksgiving meal, with a ham steak for me; the only difference is that my brother did all of the cooking. I wish I liked turkey, because he did a pretty good job on it (my mom is more of a "shove the turkey in the oven and forget about it" kind of cook, but Mark stuffed it with veggies and basted it and everything). 
Other than that... I painted a dresser. I painted a dresser.


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