When you think of your brain and your mind, do you have mental images of what your brain is doing? Me, I have several images, depending on what I'm thinking about thinking about:

When I think about accessing memories and specific information, what comes to mind is a never-ending mental library with a gigantic filing system:

When a new idea is forming in my head (usually about work, usually when I'm trying to go to sleep), I imagine an explosion of light across the surface of my brain, with electricity racing all along the edges:

Sometimes I imagine a series of black caverns that contain all of the thoughts and memories that I want to keep hidden:

When listening to music that I really like, I imagine fluid forms expanding throughout my mind:

Intriguing smells bring to mind images of whatever evocations come to the foreground:

Considering how impressed I am with brains in general, I'm sure that there are categories of thought that aren't even occurring to me right now. As a very visual thinker, I'm fascinated by the countless pictures that enter my mind, especially when thinking is the topic I'm thinking about. The worst thing that I can imagine is my brain dying off through disease or disuse. I want my mental landscape and my thought-pictures to remain vibrant and ever-changing for years to come.


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