Today I woke up and thought, "I need to wear my gray high-heeled booties!"

I have always described my style as "classic," and it has been. Very sedate, solid colors, good shapes, as nice as I could afford, never terribly trendy. If I'm going to be crazy with an "ensemble," it will probably be my make-up that is the wild card - boy, do I love my make-up. Man, do I love Sephora! I just got the most awesome eyeshadow palette for my sister, all in golds...


So I've been branching out into wilder (for me) accessories as well. Gray booties with a bow on the back, red high heels with white piping and buttons. I have an octopus necklace that I wear quite often and get a lot of compliments on. Some huge hoop earrings with purple beads. Purple tights. A monster ring with green crystals arranged around a big, fake, greenish pearl. Stuff that I wouldn't have touched or even considered cute maybe 5 years ago.

I wrote all that just to tell you that I think these shoes are gorgeous:
Dulce De Leche heels

Simply gorgeous.



A Fuss said…
OMG! You need to have those shoes! Even I need to have those shoes. And I don't wear makeup. Or outfits.
A Fuss said…
Last night I was in the communion line at church and in the line next to me there was a girl wearing grey seude booties! I'm sure they were the same as yours. I stared at her the entire time rather than get ready to receive God and all that stuff.

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