From what I've heard over the past couple of weeks, I'm one of the few people in Buffalo who is happy that it's winter. Not winter on the calendar, of course, but it is certainly winter in spirit.

Last night a friend and I were watching a movie at my house, but we spent just as much time watching the fluffy snow fall from our third-floor vantage point. It diffused the harshness of the streetlights, it blanketed everything quietly and efficiently; it hushed the world.

I love that about snow.

Today I woke up with two cats on top of me. I had a leisurely breakfast, and now I'm enjoying my huge mug full of Lady Grey tea. I have an easier time being lazy in the winter. Like almost everyone else, I have an easier time staying indoors. When I do finally jump in the shower, I'll take my time there too. I'll put on make-up and a nice outfit just because I feel like it.

The only "chores" (I'm stretching the definition of the word here) I have assigned myself for today are shopping for art supplies I'll need for one Christmas gift and putting up the Christmas tree. The art stuff is easy, as the store is about 100 feet from my house - and I'm embarrassed that I don't need art supplies more often. The tree stuff might be slightly more aggravating, since all of it is in the attic, where there are no lights, and I can't find one working flashlight in this entire house.

The rest of my time will be spent reading - I just started Richard Matheson's "Stir of Echoes," which is wildly different from the movie - and watching movies, and listening to music, and playing computer games. I don't know what it is, but whenever the snow comes around, I want to be playing "No One Lives Forever," my favorite 60's secret agent game.

Something about her clothes, her purple eyeshadow, her voice, the jokes, the action, the music - as soon as it starts snowing, I want to be inside, playing this game ALL THE TIME!!

Luckily, this weekend is all for me, so I shall, perhaps, play quite a lot of this game.


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