Everyone says we're getting some big blizzard. High winds, a lot of snow.

The winds started last night, along with some rain, which turned into sleet tinkling against my bedroom windows. In the middle of the night, the wind got harder. The window over my bed was rattling in its casing, which always worries me - I used to have a room on the second floor, and a guy was in the room I'm in now. One night we had high winds, and the window exploded over the guy as he was sleeping; he was fine, but the idea of it freaks me out, waking up to breaking glass. So whenever that window rattles, I am a restless sleeper. Well, even more restless than usual.

On top of that, the air conditioner in my room is built into the wall permanently - it doesn't come out in the winter. It's never been a problem, because the air conditioner doesn't let much cold in (no more so than the 5 million other chinks in the armor of the house), but during the high winds, I can hear the air conditioner breathing. If the winds blow hard enough, the air conditioner turns into a giant, out-of-tune harmonica. Or a kazoo.

It was nice to have a snow day today, but I'm exhausted because I don't think I slept 10 minutes through all night.


Last weekend I went down to visit my family, after three weeks away. I'm amazed at the speech development of my oldest niece, Kailyne (I usually refer to her as "Ears McNulty"). I've watched my three oldest nephews grow up - Izaak (now 9) talked pretty early and never shut up. But I think "pretty early" for a boy is later than "pretty early for a girl, and Izaak was about 2 before we could understand anything he said. Malachai (now 7) didn't even bother talking until he was 3, probably because he couldn't get a word in edgewise with Izaak around. Owen (now 3) took after Izaak, probably because he wants to keep up with his older brothers.

But Kailyne has blown them all away. Seventeen months, and you can understand what she's saying. Not only that, she isn't parroting as much as she was a few months ago - she is saying what SHE wants to say! I was pretty impressed with that. Pretty soon it will be entire sentences.


I got my hair cut today, and I love it. That is all.


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